About us

What is Alta Via?

The Alta Via, or “High Route” in Italian, is a series of hut-to-hut hiking routes in the Italian Dolomites, where one can hike as high as ~9,000 feet into the mountains and complete as many days on foot as you like. Hiking the Alta Via is a good analogy to financial planning, which is a journey, not a one-time life event, that requires goal setting, hard work, and perseverance. The path is often uphill, arduous and rocky, with the potential for unexpected weather that may require a reroute. But the views at the top of each pass are not only spectacular but rewarding and confidence-building.

Alta Via Financial Planning was started with the desire to help clients design their ideal life by aligning their money with their values. We strive to meet clients where they are at with no judgment, in order to provide a comfortable and trusted environment. Our “Less is More” approach to both life and financial planning aims to help clients destress and simplify their financial lives so that they can focus on what is most important, like getting outside with your family. We also understand and promote the importance of experiencing your ideal life today rather than waiting until financial independence (aka retirement). Our advice-only pricing model does not compensate us based on how much someone has, and therefore we do not require that clients meet an asset minimum. We only require that you be a nice human. As a fiduciary we will never sell products, and will always make recommendations that are solely in your best interest.

Meet Holly Davis, CFP®, CPA

A rare Pacific Northwest native, I was raised in the foothills of the Cascade mountains in Sammamish, Washington, by two adventure-driven hippies. When he wasn’t ski patrolling at our local ski hill of Alpental, my dad worked as a stock broker. Working for him in college gave me my first glimpse into the world of financial advice.

After graduating from the University of Washington (Go Huskies!) with a Business and Accounting degree, I spent 15 years learning a ton in corporate finance roles but wondering if there was a more fulfilling path for me. Ultimately I made the switch to financial planning, where having some gray hair is actually an asset, and then proceeded to work with hundreds of clients at an advice-only planning firm in what came to be a deeply rewarding career.

I currently live in Seattle with my husband and son, striking the balance between autonomy and flexibility, family obligations as part of the sandwich generation, outdoor passions, and new career adventures. (Sound familiar?) We spend weekends at Snoqualmie Pass in the winter, both downhill and uphill skiing at Alpental and promoting the sport of ski mountaineering, or “Skimo”, racing. (Keep an eye out for Skimo as it makes its Olympic debut in 2026 in Cortina, Italy!) In the summer you can find us mountain biking or trail running at Snoqualmie Pass or relaxing with my parents at my childhood home on Pine Lake.

Most memorable adventure

Soon after we married, my husband, Seth, and I took a 9 month sabbatical. Our time off included a winter of backcountry skiing in La Grave, France, then completing a 3 month long, self-supported bike tour through 10 countries in Europe. Needless to say we have endless stories from that year off that we are so thankful for. If you ever have the fortune of meeting Seth, ask him about the time I almost threw my bike off a cliff in Italy after having climbed one too many mountain passes.