Expert advice tailored to your needs

Alta Via Financial Planning is an “Advice-Only” firm, which essentially means that we do not manage your investments and then charge a fee based on a percentage of those investments. We will provide you with the detailed instructions for our recommendations, including investment changes, then be available as a guide and support as you implement them. As a result, we are not compensated based on “how much” you have, and we do not require you to have a minimum amount of wealth in order to work with us.

What we cover

Financial goals, athletic goals, life goals – I want to know them all! Let’s have a conversation with your 90 year old self to help uncover how to align your money with your values.

One of the foundational pieces of your financial plan, here we will construct your current cash flow, and determine your level of spending. Then, based on your values and the priority of your financial goals, we will construct an optimized cash flow and budget, and discuss steps for turning that cash flow into a reality.

Gone are the days of working at the same employer for 30 years and then retiring. What is your ideal scenario? Maybe you plan to stay in your fast-paced tech job for another 10 years, but then want the option to back off the gas a bit. Or how about a mid-career sabbatical and tour around in a Sprinter van for a year? We will help you map out the possibilities.

Alta Via Financial Planning believes in a passive investment strategy that does not attempt to beat market returns. We will recommend low-cost index funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and establish a portfolio allocation that is in line with the overall market and your own personal risk tolerance. As a result, we don’t need to review your quarterly portfolio returns, but instead focus on things that you have control over, such as progress toward your financial and life goals. We will help to prepare you for the inevitable market downturns, and then hold your hand during those market storms, to keep you from making a decision you may regret.

We will conduct a review of your most recent tax return to determine ways to optimize your tax situation. We will help to identify strategies for retirement savings, charitable giving, and reducing stock concentrations with the goal of tax-efficiency in mind. For ongoing service clients, we will also meet with and collaborate with your tax preparer, as needed.

It is not uncommon for parents to have sticker shock upon hearing the price for a college education these days. Add in the cost of private tuition for primary and secondary education, and things start to really add up. We will discuss what percentage of the college education costs you would like to cover, as well as which institution you would like to plan for (Stanford or Yale, or an in-state public school?). We will also cover where to be saving for this goal, and how to invest the funds.

We will discuss all the considerations for employer stock awards such as Restricted Stock Units (RSUs), stock options (both ISOs and NQSOs), as well as Employer Stock Purchase Plans (ESPP). What to do with them, tax considerations, as well as avoiding a concentrated stock position.

This financial planning topic can be difficult for clients, as it involves discussing life events that you don’t ever want to imagine happening. It is nonetheless important, in order to minimize the financial impact if they do occur.

  • Review of your disability, life and property and casualty insurance.
  • Guidance on estate planning and the documents to have prepared.
  • Review that your account titling is in-line with your wishes.
  • Establish an adequate emergency reserve.

Our Process

The Route to Success

Relationship Fit Meeting

45 minutes

In this complementary meeting we will get to know each other, assess a mutual fit, and share about our firm model, pricing, and next steps.

Organization and Goals Meeting

90 minutes

We collect necessary information and focus on your concerns, values, and goals to understand your unique needs and organize your financial life.

Uncovering Possibilities Meeting

60 minutes

Analyze, evaluate, and refine your financial status using our planning software to align with your goals and values.

Tailored Plan Meeting

60 minutes

Developing and presenting financial planning strategies. The goal is to commit to implementing the top 1 or 2 recommendations.

Extending the Relationship


We will implement the remaining financial planning recommendations together and meet quarterly to ensure that progress is being made.


As part of your complimentary Relationship Fit meeting, and after determining a mutual fit, we will decide which of the below options might work best for you. All prices are based on our $350 hourly fee, and are paid in arrears for the services that have been provided.

New Clients

Initial Financial Plan

This project-based option works well for new clients requiring a narrower plan scope, and provides you with a customized, comprehensive financial plan with 4 - 5 meetings over the course of 12 weeks.

Individual Pricing

Starting at $4000

Couples Pricing

Starting at $5000

Initial Financial Plan + Ongoing Services

This option works well for new clients with a broader plan scope. The process starts with a condensed Initial Financial Plan covering your most pressing 1 or 2 topics in the first 12 weeks of services, then transitions to ongoing services when we cover the remaining areas of your plan. With ongoing service we are able to stretch your tasks out over the course of a year, as well as serve as your accountability partner to provide implementation support along the way to ensure you are making progress toward your goals.

Individual Pricing

$2,500 fee upon delivery of initial plan, then $1,250 per quarter after that (Total 1st Year Fee: $6,250)

Couples Pricing

$3,000 fee upon delivery of initial plan, then $1,500 per quarter after that (Total 1st Year Fee: $7,500)

Existing Clients

Ongoing Services

After you have completed Option 1 or 2 above, you have the option to continue with ongoing services. We will meet at least 2 times per year and will monitor your plan, rebalance your portfolio, and answer your adhoc questions as they arise. Below is a sample meeting cadence and areas covered.

Annual Review Meeting

• Review & Update Goals
• Budget & Cash Flow
• Equity Comp Review
• Retirement Projections
• Tax Return Analysis

Mid-Year Review Meeting

• Investment Rebalance
• Tax Planning
• Insurance and/or Estate Planning Review
• Employee Benefits review
• Ad-hoc meetings with other professionals

Individual Pricing

Starting at $5,000 per year, billed in arrears at $1,250 per quarter

Couples Pricing

Starting at $6,000 per year, billed in arrears at $1,500 per quarter